At HPF, we envision communities where everyone has a place to call home, with the ability to achieve their financial dreams.

Our team is  ready to support that vision. We bring backgrounds and unique talents that combined give us the strong foundation needed to move more organizations, communities and YOU toward your goals.

Kristen Holt headshot

Kristen Holt

President, HPF, and CEO, GreenPath Financial Wellness

Kristen Holt is leading GreenPath to achieve the Big Hairy Audacious Goal of remixing the American Dream so that it works for everyone.  Kristen believes that improved access to better financial tools and services will improve the lives of all Americans and can be achieved through collaboration, networked communities and human-centered design.

With almost 25 years of global leadership experience, Kristen combines creativity with financial acumen to positively impact the business and the people it serves.   Prior to joining GreenPath, Kristen served as COO at United Way for Southeastern Michigan in Detroit, where she led the organization’s transformation from a traditional community organization to a driving force for innovation and human-centered design.  Before joining the impact sector, Kristen held executive positions at a fast-paced, entrepreneurial, global professional services firm.

Kristen holds her MBA from the University of Michigan and is a Certified Public Accountant.  She is a design thinking facilitator and trains others to leverage a human-centered methodology to improve outcomes for impact and business. Currently, Kristen serves as Vice-Chair on the National Foundation for Credit Counseling board of directors, the national organization for nonprofit credit counseling.

Donna McNeill headshot

Donna McNeill

Chief Operating Officer, GreenPath Financial Wellness

In her role as Chief Operating Officer of GreenPath Financial Wellness, Donna McNeill is the leader of GreenPath’s client and partner focused work. Donna and her teams ensure that GreenPath delivers the highest quality, human-centered, empathetic experiences that will improve the financial resilience of the people it serves. Donna is motivated to empower others to overcome financial challenges, be financially strong and independent, and as a result focus on achieving their dreams.

Donna’s expertise in strategy and optimization of operations, complements her strong commitment to cultivating an energetic and inclusive corporate culture, grounded in the core values of Quality, Integrity, and Teamwork.  She draws on thirty years of experience at GreenPath, and has strengthened her areas of excellence with advanced certifications from the LUMA Institute for Human Centered Design, Zenger-Folkman Leadership Development, and the Michigan State University Eli Broad School of Business Executive Development. Donna holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Wayne State University.

You’ll find Donna outside enjoying the sunshine and surf, with her family and two German Shepherds whenever she has the chance.

Maureen Anderson headshot

Maureen Anderson

Director of Compliance and Network Oversight

Maureen Anderson is responsible for compliance with state/federal regulations, licensing, contracts, complaint resolution, internal/external audits and grant execution for GreenPath, Inc.  She also oversees adherence to the standards for GreenPath’s affiliate the Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) where contracted agencies perform counseling services focusing on superior service for each housing client.

Maureen is committed to providing clients with a consistent high-quality experience .  She brought an in depth knowledge of mortgage operations, compliance, and quality control to this role.  Maureen previously held a Compliance management position at Ally Bank for national loan originations.  Her 18 years with two major financial institutions in the mortgage industry was focused on operations in order to help people realize the American Dream of homeownership.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business from The University of St. Catherine’s in St. Paul, MN.  Maureen is a Certified Compliance and Ethical Professional (CCEP) through the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) Association.

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Rod McGinniss headshot

Rod McGinniss

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Rod McGinniss leads housing-related business development for GreenPath and Homeownership Preservation Foundation. He is responsible for developing strategies and solutions to bring financial wellness services to mortgage lending institutions.

Rod makes the business case for financial wellness. His work opens doors for us to partner with financial services businesses to improve financial health and strengthen the housing finance industry, while also supporting a more sustainable society.

Rod has more than 30 years of experience in mortgage finance and capital markets, and has held senior leadership roles in business development, sales, institutional investor management, and mortgage asset trading. He holds a BS in business management from the University of Maryland and completed the NeighborWorks / Harvard Kennedy School Achieving Excellence Executive Leadership Program.

Jennifer Fraser headshot

Jennifer Fraser

Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Contact Center Operations

As Director of Stakeholder Engagement and Contact Center Operations, Jennifer Fraser brings broad experience in servicing clients on a profoundly human level on behalf of significant stakeholders in a fast-paced digital and telephonic environment.   Her teams pair with stakeholders to create, build and manage program offerings that empower financial wellness, creating opportunities for stakeholders and clients alike.

Jennifer’s passion is working with her team which is diverse in talent and vision on a shared goal – to create meaningful, workable solutions to help humans work through intense financial needs.

Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications from Virginia Wesleyan University and is a certified practitioner of Human Centered Design.