Graphic - 3 Signs It’s Time to Connect with a Housing Counselor

Feeling the pressure of rising housing costs?

You’re not alone.

Costs have reached historical highs, making renters and buyers alike scramble for sustainable options. To help manage these challenges, reaching out to trusted nonprofit resources like 995Hope can make a meaningful difference.

Our HUD-certified counselors can begin a conversation about where you are today. Take the first step and call.

Here are three indicators suggesting it might be time to seek assistance from HUD-certified counselors at 995Hope:

You’re worried about your options.

When keeping up with monthly housing payments becomes difficult, it may seem like there are limited options to regain stability. Homes play a crucial role in well-being and safety, making it essential to understand the available options. 995Hope counselors, familiar with community challenges, provide clear information to ease housing stress and uncertainty.

For example, a recent counseling session involved a caller seeking guidance on a delinquent mortgage due to medical disability and unexpected financial challenges. The counselor took the time to understand her financial situation, guide her through available options, and even facilitated communication with her loan servicer to outline steps to keep her in her home while devising a plan for payment.

Our HUD-certified counselors can begin a conversation about where you are today. Take the first step and call.

Your budget needs help.

The traditional guideline of allocating “one week’s pay” for rent is becoming harder to achieve, with housing costs escalating. Callers often express concerns about rising costs of essentials and the impact on their budgets. 995Hope counselors, addressing this concern across income levels, offer guidance on budgeting and supportive services. Assessing housing budgets against monthly incomes and current expenses is crucial, ensuring that households can manage costs beyond housing, such as transportation and medical expenses.

You’re overwhelmed with financial obligations.

Balancing housing costs becomes challenging when grappling with high-interest credit card debt or other financial obligations. To alleviate this burden, individuals may consider paying extra towards high-interest debt or explore debt management plans. 995Hope financial counselors can help reduce monthly payments and overall debt costs. Clients are advised to evaluate discretionary spending, potentially postponing major purchases like a new car and planning for future expenses.

Get connected.

For those feeling anxious about their housing budgets and overwhelmed by debt, starting a conversation with the caring and HUD-certified counselors at the 995Hope Hotline is a recommended next step. A financial counseling session with certified professionals can provide tailored guidance and support.