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GreenPath and Homeownership Preservation Foundation Help COVID-19 Affected Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

National nonprofit assists thousands of homeowners unable to make mortgage payments and uncertain about forbearance protections. Read Full Announcement > FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. (February 18, 2021) –  GreenPath Financial Wellness, a national nonprofit that provides financial counseling and debt management services and its affiliate, Homeownership Preservation Foundation (HPF) that provides housing counseling services, helped 19,500 borrowers experiencing  COVID-19 and […]

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Alternatives to Foreclosure

Are you behind on mortgage payments? If you’re behind or concerned about making your mortgage payment, it is helpful to call and speak to a counselor who can assist you with your lender to determine your options. The thought of foreclosure can be stressful. To manage that stress, be proactive and talk with a counselor [...]
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Foreclosure Prevention Scams

If you are or believe you may be the victim of a foreclosure prevention scam, please call us at 888-995-HOPE™ (4673) and report it. Our team is trained specifically to handle scam cases and can report the fraudulent parties to officials. We can file a formal complaint on your behalf. You can also help us [...]
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Foreclosure Prevention

Can't Make a Mortgage Payment? When you call the Homeowner’s HOPE® Hotline at 888-995-HOPE (4673), foreclosure prevention specialists work with you to develop a comprehensive action plan specifically tailored to your unique financial circumstances. Many homeowners become financially stressed due to job losses, health crises, rising interest rates, victimization by fraudsters, overwhelming debt loads or other unexpected [...]
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What to Know about Loan Modification

An estimated 2.2 million homeowners holding 4.47% of the nation's mortgage loans are currently in forbearance, according to data from the Mortgage Bankers Association.  While most lenders and loan servicers have been willing to work with homeowners during the pandemic, the latest announcements show that relief protections are set to end at the end of July 2021.   With [...]

Housing Philadelphia

Hope…As Housing Relief Programs EndThere is hope, as housing relief programs conclude. In the Philadelphia region? Contact 995HOPE, one of the nation’s most trusted housing counseling services. HUD-certified counselors available now, free of charge, to meet your needs wherever you are in your housing situation. Financial Challenges in a Post-COVID World? For those who may [...]
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Looking Ahead as Homeowners & Renter Relief Expires – Get Trusted Guidance for Your Options

You are not alone. Homeowners and renters facing financial challenges are more successful in figuring out their next steps when they fully understand their options.

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Ask the Experts: Experienced Housing Counselors Help You Understand Your Options

Sometimes financial challenges may lead to falling behind on your monthly mortgage or rent. While it can be confusing to understand your options, remember you are not alone. 

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Guidance from the Experts: 995Hope Counselors Help You Stay in Your Home

A place to call home is essential in life.  But sometimes financial challenges may lead to falling behind on monthly mortgage or rent.    You are not alone.    Waiting to Talk to You are Experienced, HUD-Certified 995Hope Counselors:  Greg Nelson, an experienced professional with seven years of experience. Who works out of 995Hope’s Las Vegas, Nevada location.   Paul Flynn, […]

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Do you qualify for pandemic-related mortgage relief?

A MarketWatch article shares insights from 995Hope’s parent organization, the national nonprofit GreenPath Financial Wellness.   A recent article looks at the options for those struggling with mortgage who don’t think they qualify for pandemic-related payment relief. The advice? Don’t despair. As a start, take steps to get back on track.  First, pin down who owns your mortgage.   [...]