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When you face challenges with keeping up with housing payments, it’s important to seek guidance from knowledgeable, caring experts such as our HUD-certified housing counselors.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sponsors housing counseling agencies, including GreenPath’s 995 Hope Hotline, to help people get expert, unbiased advice on buying a home, renting, defaults, foreclosures, and credit issues.

Connecting with a HUD-certified housing counselor can be immensely beneficial if you’re facing challenges in budgeting for housing payments. That’s because HUD-certified counselors can act as advocates on your behalf when dealing with lenders, landlords, or housing agencies. They can help negotiate more favorable terms or resolutions to housing-related disputes.

HUD-certified housing counselors are trained professionals who specialize in housing-related financial matters. They have in-depth knowledge of housing programs, mortgage options, and budgeting strategies. Their expertise can help you navigate complex housing issues.

Shared here are five reasons why it makes sense to get guidance from HUD-certified housing counselors.


1 You Receive the Latest Housing Information:

Working with a HUD-approved housing counselor lets you work with an experienced, trained professional who can advise you on the latest programs to prevent foreclosure, buy a home, protect your credit, and other issues. HUD-certified housing counselors go through rigorous training, and stay current with the latest programs available to help homeowners avoid foreclosure. Certified counselors are also trained to help facilitate effective communication with your current loan servicer to explore loan modification options.

HUD-certified counselors have access to information about various housing assistance programs, grants, and subsidies that may be available to you. They can help you explore these options to reduce your housing expenses.


2 You Work with a Trusted Agency:

During times of economic challenges, we see an uptick in the number of HOPE Hotline callers who, in addition to dealing with the stress of possible foreclosure, have been victimized by some type of  fraudulent activity. Many callers have been led astray by foreclosure rescue or loan modification scams. When you work with HUD-certified housing counselors, you can have confidence that the focus is on helping you maintain homeownership, while guiding you to make informed financial decisions that withstand financial challenges.

100 percent of our housing counselors have successfully completed the rigorous training program established by HUD, successfully passed the exam, and received full certification.


3 You Get a Full View of your Financial Situation:

Our HUD-approved housing counselors are specially trained to provide renters and homeowners with a total view of your financial picture. We work to understand your specific situation, including foreclosure prevention and support, reverse mortgage counseling, home buying counseling and renter resources. In one-on-one counseling sessions, you will understand all your options so you can feel confident and make informed decisions.

What other financial stress is your household facing? Housing counselors will assess an individual’s complete financial situation, help you evaluate the options that pertain to you, make informed housing choices, and develop a customized plan to stay in your home.

Housing counselors can assist you in creating a realistic budget that considers your income, expenses, and housing costs. They can help you identify areas where you can cut costs or make financial adjustments to better afford your housing.


4 You Benefit from Financial Education:

Beyond immediate problem-solving, HUD-certified housing counselors can provide valuable financial education. They can provide options to learn about money management skills, debt management techniques, and savings strategies to improve your long-term financial stability.


5 You Gain Peace of Mind:

Connecting with a HUD-certified housing counselor can alleviate stress and anxiety associated with housing payment challenges. Knowing you have a knowledgeable professional in your corner can provide peace of mind during difficult times. With a trusted nonprofit such as the 995 Hope Hotline, HUD-certified housing counselors offer a wealth of knowledge and support to individuals struggling with housing budgeting issues. Their assistance can help you make informed financial decisions, avoid housing crises, and work towards long-term housing stability.


Next Steps

Know that you are not alone, and that trusted housing experts are only a phone call away. Our HUD-certified counselors help you begin a conversation about where you are today, and what you need to accomplish your goals.